Your trademark is not the same thing, Design and contain as your company name or its logo. A Trademark is a “designation of origin; i.e. a brand that signifies source of the service or product and its quality and good will, Can I Trademark Registered Name and Logo ?
In the India, common law trademark rights arise on first use within a product category or geographic market. (Trademark law has not changed recently; there have been major changes to Intellectual property law.

This means that if you start selling products under your preferred trademark now, you can claim ownership of that trademark without formally registering it with the Indian Patent and Trademark Office. Protect your trademark by using the designation “TM” after it; you will use an “R” in a circle after the mark is registered.

It’s a good idea to get your trademark registered, however, because common law rights are limited to the geographic location in which the mark is used and because registration will help you in case of Legal right. Also, if you begin selling products before you have done the comprehensive search that accompanies trademark registrations, to ensure you aren’t infringing on another company’s mark, you could be exposed to significant legal risk.

Can I Trademark Registered Name and Logo

Can I Trademark Registered Name and Logo before Forming a Company