A private limited company is where between one and more people come together and form a business, The owners are called shareholders and they invest money in the company, The profit is divided up among the shareholders and distributed in the form of dividends “Ltd.” is written after the name of the company.

->Requirement for Private Limited Company

->Registration Process of Private Limited Company

Procedure for Company Registration in Bihar

1. Document Requirements: Every Director must have PAN Card (if digital Signature is to be    obtained for in the name of the said Director) issued by the Income Tax department as an Identity    proof and one address proof in his/her name. Two passport size photographs of each Director are     required. Clear Scanned copies of proofs and photos are preferred.

2. Name Availability Search: It is advisable to conduct a Name Search for the proposed name of    the Company to make sure that there is no identical or similar LLP/Company already registered in     India or for which an application for registration has been submitted.

3. Payment of Fees (Part Payment): Part payment is taken to initiate the Company Incorporation    process. We provide you following payment options: 1. Cash, 2. Cheque and 3. Online Transfer.     (Payment Gateway facility is under process)

4. Application of DIN & Digital Signature: We shall prepare and send all the required documents     for signature of the Promoters at one go.

5. Name Application: After approval of all the DIN, we shall draft the Main Object of the Company   for the approval of the Promoters. On the approval of the Promoters, our team will forward     Company name application with the Registrar of Companies.

6. Payment of Fees (Final Payment): After the approval of the name, the remaining payment is     taken.

7. Filing of Incorporation documents: Our Team will prepare all the relevant documents along    with eForms, Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) required for the     company incorporation and will file the same with the authorities.

8. Final Process: After completion of the process, we provide you a file containing all documentation     made for Company formation along with DIN papers and Digital Signatures.

9. Long Term Relationship: We look forward to a very long term relationship with all our Clients.   We provide all kinds of recurring compliance services required by the Company in the form of     Annual Return  filing and various Event Based Compliances.