Corporate Training & Development is a full service, in house workshop development and presentation firm specializing in training people and their organizations to reach their full potential. All workshops are customized in consultation with the client company so that workshop content is specifically designed to meet the client’s needs and to realize desired outcomes.

SPlan Built upon the solid foundation of success principles is the training to apply this knowledge effectively. We help them guide their energy and effort for maximum positive impact. We arm them with a positive mind set so they can work through and grow from setbacks and disappointments. We walk them along the pathway to greater accomplishment. The result is focused, self motivated employees who are better prepared to accomplish their professional and organizational goals.

Workshops Offered

  • The Ultimate Time Management Workshop. This is our signature workshop that literally changes employees’ professional and personal lives. 97% of people fail to achieve their goals. Employees will learn what they need to know about time, proper goal setting, and how to accomplish more and reduce stress at the same time. Employees emerge from this workshop experience as productive members of the “3% Winner’s Circle.”
  • Creating Your Corporate Customer Service Action Plan Workshop. What could be more important than taking care of the customers who take care of you? Often, in the busyness of doing business, the customer is taken for granted by the people responsible for serving them. (By the way, that’s everyone in the organization.) This inspiring and eye opening workshop experience challenges employees to draft a Corporate Customer Service Action Plan involving every department. Employees emerge from this workshop with the plan and a message that will energize customer service throughout the organization.
  • The Principles of Sales Success Workshop. This is a proven process to increase sales in any economy. No product or service sells itself. People sell. If a salesperson offered the best price in the world on an item, the item will not be sold unless the salesperson has a prospect to offer the item to. This engaging workshop experience equips salespeople to achieve their personal best in sales. Salespeople emerge from this workshop with a success plan and the motivation to excel.
  • The Teamwork Synergy Workshop. Teams that are focused on objectives and whose members are working together harmoniously will succeed. On the other hand, other potentially great teams made up of capable people often fail to achieve victory. Why? This high impact workshop experience revisits/revises team objectives for clarity and direction. It will review team member roles and responsibilities with respect of each member’s knowledge and expertise. It will examine team processes for operational efficiencies. It will facilitate team harmony and synergy for winning results. Team members will emerge from this workshop with a blueprint for team success.
  • The Leadership Challenge. Every organization needs knowledgeable, capable leaders. Leaders are responsible for the existing work environment, whether it is productive or not. Leaders are also responsible for workforce morale. The leadership challenge is to establish, maintain and sustain a positive goal directed workforce and organization. This essential workshop experience dramatically improves leadership effectiveness and influence with direct reports. Leaders emerge from this workshop with a renewed appreciation for the responsibilities and impact of organizational leadership.
  • The Manager’s Employee Retention Workshop. Too often, good managers fail to see the obvious. This is common in the busy workplace as managers focus on results, yet overlook the people responsible for the results. Retaining your best people is critical to the organization’s sustained success. This enlightening workshop experience provides information and strategies to retain your best and brightest. Managers emerge from this workshop equipped to engage their key employees and prepare them for long term career success.
  • The Fast Start Employee Orientation Workshop. New employees need a success coach. In this workshop, your employees will learn your corporate mission and develop an appreciation for your corporate culture. Employees will be taught what is expected of them, and develop a plan to exceed those expectations. The principles of Success on Purpose will be explored to identify leadership capability. Employees will emerge from this workshop with a running start for career success.
  • Train the Trainer. We’ll develop your associate into a knowledgeable, motivated trainer to handle your ongoing employee development needs.
  • Employee Appreciation Events. All employees respond favorably to sincere praise and appreciation for a job well done. What are you waiting for? Show employees how much you value their contribution to the success of the organization. CT&D will plan an employee appreciation event your people will never forget.
  • Speaking Engagements. Ronald S. Markham delivers challenging and memorable presentations for your meeting, conference or convention.