What is a TIN?

Tax Information Network (TIN) is an initiative made by Income Tax Department of India to modernize the current system for collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes using information technology. It is a repository of Tax related information from across the country. It is unique registration eleven digit number that is used for identification of dealers registered under VAT.

Who should register for TIN?

TIN number registration is required for Manufacturers, Traders, ,Exporters and Dealers. When new registration is undertaken under VAT or Central Sales Tax a new TIN will be allotted under registration number. The TIN number should appear on all Quotations/Orders/Invoices by both Sending Company and Receiving Company.

What is the procedure of TIN registration?   You can apply for this number online or visit one of the governments many facilitation centres across the country and submit this form.

Documents Required to apply for VAT/Sales tax Registration for LLP concern:

  1. Pan Card & LLP Agreement of LLP.
  2. Two Passport size photographs of Designated Partners.
  3. Details of Designated Partners(Name & Address) along with proof-
  • PAN Card and address proof(Passport, Voter ID, Driving License, Bank Passbook showing Name and address along with Photo)
  1. Proof of premises at which registration is sought:
  • In case of self occupied property, any document like Electricity Bill/ annual Property tax payment return/receipt showing name of applicant.

Or Copy of Sale Deed etc.

  • In case of Rented Premises, lease license /Rent Agreement along with NOC from either the owner of property or the person in whose name the Rent or lease agreement has been made along with evidence of ownership/tenancy as the case may be.
  1. Power of attorney would be required in respect of authorized person(s) by the Designated Partners of the Firm.
  2. Details of at least one major Bank of the Applicant along with photocopy of blank cheque.
  3.  Information with regard to Type of Dealer whether regular or casual.
  4. Information with regard to operation of Sales whether Intra states only or Intra states sales( in more than one state)
  5. Surety in form of registered dealer / security in form of Bank Guarantee of Rs.100,000.

The security amount can be reduced by a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- if you can provide certain documents with your registration application. The security amount is reduced to the extent of amount mentioned against each head allowed for various documents is as follows:-

Last paid electricity bill in your name,                                                             Rs.10,000/-.
Paid telephone bill in your name,                                                                    Rs.5000/-
Income Tax PAN,                                                                                                   Rs.10,000/-
A document as proof of ownership of principal place of business,    Rs.30,000/-
A document as proof of ownership of residential property,                 Rs.20,000/-and
A notarized photocopy of the passport of proprietor/managing partner or managing director-Rs. 10,000/-.